michaelmas and the christ impulse

This is a refreshing document for anyone who’s tired of waldorf proponents who try to wash away every anthroposophical hint from waldorf’s surface. For example, michaelmas, the ‘harvest festival’, according to most of these disingenous people a festival of no specific anthroposophical importance (obviously bogus as anyone who bothers to read some Steiner will find out), is here described thus:

When we celebrate Michaelmas, we are celebrating the Christ Impulse. As teachers we should not have any doubts as to what we are doing. We are not celebrating the story of St. George and the Dragon. George (who was claimed by the church as a saint, and thus deprived of his cosmic heritage) and the story of the dragon he slays to save a village are earthly cloaks for mighty, cosmic, spiritual realities.

But then, our entire Waldorf curriculum is an earthly picture of mighty, cosmic, spiritual realities. Or should be. There are several levels: At the highest level, there is the Logos, which streams toward humanity from the sun. “In its purest form, this external physical body of the Logos appears especially in the outer sunlight. But the sunlight is not merely material light. To spiritual perception, it is just as much the vesture of the Logos, as your outer physical body is the vesture of your soul.” In short: “Everything is an incarnation of the Logos.”

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