winter solstice

I think I’ve usually written something on this day each year. I enjoy when it’s getting darker and darker; there’s something special about that. (Other people have other ideas. I don’t know why!) And now this ends.

There’s no winter in Stockholm this year, not so far at least; the only snow I’ve seen today was artificial, and it was melting rapidly in the rain. Thus, I cannot show you any wintery scenery from the (almost) North Pole. It’s dull, damp and dark.


As you know, I assume, Rudi placed a lot of importance on the winter solstice. I’ll quote for you two passages I don’t think I’ve used before. (If I have, I count on you to have forgotten.)

He who observes his inner life of thinking, feeling and willing, and the disorderly way in which these impulses of thought, feeling and will arise, can feel that the changing capriciousness of his thinking, feeling and willing resembles the changes of the weather, which become manifest in the elements of water, fire, air and earth, all active as demoniacal forces. They live in what is around us as thunder and lightning and in the atmospheric changes of the weather. Indeed, our thinking, feeling and willing are related only with the changeable influences of weather experienced during winter. With the approach of winter, man always felt the close connection between weather changes and his inner life. “O winter, how deeply you are related to my own inner being,” is the feeling that lived in man. When the winter solstice drew near and spring and summer approached, man felt how the sun’s forces were always victorious over the egoism of the earth. Then he was filled with strength and courage and could feel that just as he was able to experience outwardly the sun’s victory over the forces of the earth when it breaks into the dark night of winter, so he should be able to experience something that was active within him, deep down in his soul, as a spiritual sun that would reign triumphant during the earthly winter solstice.

Thus, the Mystery of Golgotha was seen to be in man’s inner being like the rising of the earthly sun. We realize that the spring and summer of the earth’s evolution occurred in the ages before the Mystery of Golgotha. Then man still possessed through his atavistic clairvoyance the inheritance of his link with the divine spiritual worlds. Now we are living in the winter of earthly evolution and undoubtedly the mechanical forces of industrial and commercial life will grow increasingly strong. The earth’s winter can be found externally in the world, but also within, because we no longer have the divine spiritual world of the earth’s spring and summer around us. Man used to see in the sun’s victory during the winter solstice a symbol for the victory of the spiritual sun in the depths of the human soul. Modern man can experience this again today when he contemplates the Mystery of Golgotha and prepares himself for the approaching Christmas festival. In the past man looked at the Mystery of Golgotha and said, “No matter how wildly and chaotically the winter storms may rage in us, there is one hope that can never be abandoned. The Christ impulse, related to all human life on earth, will assert itself, in contrast to the weather-like changes in the human soul.” This can occur because the Child of Humanity, born in the Nathan Jesus boy, entered mankind with all the qualities possessed by the human soul before it descended into its earthly incarnations. (Source.)

Surely, you’ll find this very wise, but it’s only a warm-up to spiritual exercises penetrating the deepest esoteric wisdom, which will be imparted by mr Dog in the form of a question for you to ponder: what are the canineosophical implications of the great difficulty digging up bones during a cold winter? Why is this so? If you say: the soil is frozen, you fail class. Remember, we’re looking for the hidden explanations, we’re looking for what is not available to the ordinary senses. Which occult forces might lie behind such a ‘simple’ phenomenon?

We’re sending encouraging tail-wags to accompany you on your quest for the holy chew-bone!