just to say

good bye. I’ve finally decided that there’s nothing more to do with this blog than to put it to well-needed rest.

I thought I should say something about it in English as well, since many of our discussions here have been in English. I started last year to clean the blog up — to remove items that are no longer relevant or interesting. I think I’m done now. 650 posts have been removed; just over 1100 remain. Some of the remaining ones are daft enough to be removed as well, but have been kept because you made such lovely (or sometimes less lovely, but nevertheless interesting) contributions in the comments.

If the archangel Michael, our intrepid guard, lets you in through the gates, you’re more than welcome to lounge on the sofas, sip on a glass of champagne, converse with Rudi (or watch him sleep, over there, in his corner, with a glass of cognac lazily slipping from his hand), chill out with a bowl of the most delicious ice-cream or play in the garden with the gnomes and the fairies. (Try not to fall into the pond unecessarily. It disturbs the water-lilies and the undines.) I’ll be there, too. But from the outside, it will appear as though not much is taking place. That’s the benefit of a place with high walls (clad in thorny roses). You can shut the world out. And, to be honest, not much will be taking place; just the ordinary affairs of an ethereal estate. This reminds me, it’s time to polish the chandeliers.

I’ll keep on writing about things that matter, but not here. Perhaps I’ll see you again. Another place,  another time —