Subsequent to this, someone kindly pointed out to me something along these lines: it is possible that I am separated from my karmic context or group not by time but by space. It’s a suggestion worth some consideration, as it hadn’t occurred to me. There are two options here (and possibly more). Either I meant it to be that way (a soul yearning for solitude, needing it) or, upon entering earthly existence, I made a mistake, not with the time-table but with the map; perhaps I had none or if I did, read it erroneously. Dog knows I have no sense of direction, geographical or otherwise. There is also this one thing I know way too little about: what is the situation with maps and such things in the higher worlds? And in the preparation, before descending, as it were, do we have all the gadgets? Everybody knows, though, how easy it is to forget to put the map, the compass or the gps in the backpack before leaving; it would be much more curious to neglect the thermos bottle with coffee. That is, before leaving your earthly home — but why would it be much different? Of course, karmically speaking, the level of forgetfulness is no coincidence. But because of that it must also play a part.

The current fashion of denying the existence of a specifically Swedish culture notwithstanding, I’d still suggest that it’s alive and kicking — everybody who doesn’t “fit in”, and never did, knows that. But we also know how easy it is for non-Swedes to get Sweden mixed up with Switzerland or even Holland. Maybe the Nordic region is something of a blind spot also to the beings that dwell in higher, supersensible regions? Steiner does accord the North a special significance (it must be said, but I’m not sure it’s relevant here). Besides, what do the spiritual realms really know about the geography of the physical earth? They sometimes seem too preoccupied with the cosmos. There are all sorts of errors that may creep in during the journey. Meant to be, of course, if so, but still.

It’s certainly hard enough to get on the right train in the physical realm.