“Man darf sich nicht der Täuschung hingeben, dass man, wenn man den Erzengel Michael erwähnt, dass man damit esoterische Mitteilungen macht.”

A certain apathy that won’t release me from its grip has stopped me from writing something more extensive about this rather fascinating document published by Anthroposophical Society in Germany. So I’ll leave it at this, with this short notice. The special edition of the society’s newsletter is meant to deal with the future of the society and of anthroposophy, and it is, indeed, fascinating to watch this process, this development, that evidently is taking place, where it seems — in some places — the atmosphere of cultishness, of intolerance and hostility, and of otherworldly superiority is lifting and the air is easier to breathe. I don’t know if my impression is right, and perhaps, being more used in the past to encounter the less favourable sides of the movement, I’m exaggerating. But you can read it yourself, and please tell me if I’m mistaken!