2017.09.29: michaelmas

It’s michaelmas again, so happy michaelmas to you, and best of luck with slaying the dragons within and without.

As it is michaelmas, it’s also autumn; the air is crisp, the daylight is soft, the nights are dark again. You can see the stars again, though just barely (or not at all) if you live in a city. It sometimes happens that I dream of big blackout: that all the artificial light-sources of the modern world would go out all over the northern hemisphere, and we would be able to experience the sky as they did a century and a half ago or even in more recent times outside the cities. I wonder what it would do to people? Would it change them? Nowadays there’s hardly any place left in Western Europe — or perhaps soon anywhere on earth — to experience the night sky without light pollution. It is a dream of mine, nonetheless, to go to one of the remotest places in this country to experience a darkness and a night sky that — even if no longer entirely unpolluted by light — you cannot see when staying close to Stockholm, and I would like to listen to real silence. The silence of the archipelago on a misty autumn morning, when the sea is calm, is almost metallic, and I wonder if silence in a very remote area is any different. Complete silence and the night sky, those are the things I want to get closer to. I think they could work on me like drugs.

But of course, handling the sounds and lights and the other terrors of civilisation is to battle my dragon, so, if one is to believe in the value of struggle for improving one’s karma, I should stay where I am.