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i främmande land

I bra solvärme, vid fönstret. När man är på fiendens territorium, bör man hålla sig upptagen med något. Det är en känsla jag alltid haft, och en intuition jag nästan alltid följer. Det är förstås löjligt att säga att Järna är fiendeland. Samtidigt: vissa saker handlar mycket mer om känsla än de handlar om vetande. […]

evening walk

I’m writing this while I wait for the chestnuts to roast in the oven. The evenings are stunning and colourful, but it is cold now, today was the first cold day. I’m sorry I don’t write as much as I used to; I think about it every day, I think about what I should do […]

turning away

We’re in the city, though we wish we were not. This is the closest to nature we get.

evening walk


sunrise, 5:25 am

Up on the cliff, you can lie at night, watching the dark sky — feeling, paradoxically perhaps, a closeness to the stars that, ultimately, encompasses a closeness to the earth. And knowing, for a brief moment, that there’s nothing more to ask for. It’s all there — between me and the universe. It’s been a […]

17 augusti

Nu kommer hösten med svamp, varma soppor och rostade kastanjer. Den är välkommen, trots allt, även om vintern alltid blir ett par månader för lång. Vi har tillbringat nästan en vecka på ön. Fjärden är mörk om natten, och någon gång då och då magiskt stilla och blank. I måndags natt hade vi tur att […]

27 juli

I dag kom åskan som ett svar på den hetta som redan på morgonen var närapå outhärdlig. Regnet uteblev. Det är fortfarande torrt och kvavt. Ovan lite rester från mina balkongodlingar. Jag har krasse, lavendel, rosenpelargoner, tomater, persilja, basilika, oregano, ringblomma och misslyckade vallmo. Tomaterna kan vi nog kalla misslyckade också; jag har skördat tre. […]

brushing teeth in the presence of swans

We’ve been away for a few days, mr Dog and I. We’ve been to the island. The silence has been a relief. Well, there was that ship whose music we heard, one evening, until it arrived in Latvia. Or so it seemed; I’m sure it got all the way to Sandhamn and beyond before the […]

Slussen (II)

Slussen (I)

‘Djurvänligt kött existerar inte.’

dimma och sol

Vaxholms fästning Vi var uppe tidigt i morse. Bussen gick vid 8, båten från Vaxholm redan innan 9. Då vi närmade oss skärgården vällde dimman in; jag tror den kom från havet. Tjock, vit dimma just ovan marken och ovan vattnen. Det måste ha haft något att göra med vattentemperaturer i förhållande till den starka […]

lidingöbro värdshus

I december 2011. Jag vet inte om mycket har hänt sedan dess; jag har inte gått förbi. Enligt hemsidan ska det vara färdigfixat hösten 2014. I december 2011 var bygget helt övergivet. Här är ett gammalt vykort från Lidingöbro.

från beckholmsbron

Jag tror att det är på det gamla plåtskjulets plats som Oaxens krog har byggts. Fotografiet är drygt två år gammalt. [Större version. Jag gillar alla smådetaljer!]

pondering the easter bunny

mr Dog, sitting in the sun, pondering the deepest mystery of all mysteries, the mystery of the easter bunny. It is that season now.

a sunken ship

The sea-level is extremely low now, and a sunken ship, which is believed to be from the 17th century, has resurfaced. It is quite amazing. It was last visible some time in the 1940s! And speaking of old, forgotten things, we also found this book on our walk. We didn’t find the easter bunny, but […]

today (archipelago visit)

In the sunrise, on a frosty february morning, even the dreadful suburbs, scattered along the freeway with their highrise buildings from the 1960s, acquire a certain romantic shimmer. We woke up early today. Went to catch a bus. The sun was rising. Lovely colours, lovely light (I wish I hadn’t been on the bus — […]


I keep walking. After some kind of recent fall-out between me and myself, I’ve kept thinking — no, not exactly thinking, to be honest, it’s more of an intuitive understanding (which might be wrong) — that if I keep walking, at least I keep myself upright, at least I keep the momentum, I don’t fall. […]


Epiphany. A pale northern day. Cold. See the subtle yellow colour there, behind the trees? It’s the sun. For the colour. There’s such a lack of colour in nature now. All is grey and brown. See the light there? It’s the sun, too!


christmas day: a door in Old Town seagulls and the parliament (flickr) someone unknown, feeding birds (flickr) guard defending the royal palace against snow warriors christmas eve: i thought that looked like a man, then realized it’s probably meant to closed


Stockholm on a saturday before christmas. Hare krishna, a cult which also, oddly, have their center in Järna — but on the other side of the railway. Järna is a small village. You can imagine, I’m sure. Anyway, hare krishna, unlike anthroposophists, try in a more overt manner to attract the attention of shoppers in […]

21th december

going to the local park as a child, I was intrigued by this scruffy old graveyard. Situated in a corner of a park, on the street where I lived, it was enclosed by an iron fence adorned with stars, and all the old, mossy grave stones bore inscriptions in a weird foreign language. It’s a […]


It’s become a tradition — oh, well, perhaps not, but a few more years, and it can be! — to take a photo of hay-Jesus and post it here. Here’s this years version! (Last year. And the year before.)

unimportant fragment

(Unimportant and uninspired snapshot from this afternoon, walking down the street — see how low the sun is; it sets at 2.45 pm now, and there’s barely time to get out before it’s already dark.) I don’t have much time, and I beg forgiveness. (I’ll look closer at comments as soon as I can.) Have […]

cold, warmth (photos)

photos from today. There’s a walkway under Centralbron (‘central bridge’). It’s a highly unappealing place, it’s ugly and unfriendly, but I found the contrast between the ice and the impression of warmth, coming from the yellowish lights and the brown paving bricks, a little bit interesting. You spot, floating in the water, some remnants of […]

steam fog

yesterday was a cold day, biting cold. We walked. Paws, fingers and toes ice cold and stiff. Mr Dog would like to have a word with you about that last picture. And as I am too tired (and too dumb, he adds), why not. He pontificates: Humans. Something is not quite right in their heads, […]


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