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reading esoteric lessons

I continue to read Frank Smith’s translations of the esoteric lessons for the first class. I’ve come to lessons 7 and 8. Here’s a snippet from lesson 7: If on seeing the head from the other side of the threshold one recognizes how will goes through the head and how the senses represent will, then […]

steiner anecdotes

A while ago, I read the collection of anecdotes about Steiner, edited by Wolfgang Vögele. (Sie Mensch von einem Menschen: Rudolf Steiner in Anekdoten.) It’s highly amusing. I can recommend it for that reason, which is certainly reason enough. However, I’d like to share one of the anectodes in the book. It’s about smallpox immunisation. […]

‘nature leaves man alone with himself’

(fire spouting dragons like these colours, I imagine) Some people know, some people don’t; some people don’t really care, but who cares about that? Today is michaelmas. Which is supposed to be important, and I suppose it was. It may still be. I’m not going to write about michaelmas, or how it’s celebrated (for children: […]

meteor-like air-spirits?

I was looking for some place where Steiner says that nature is spiritually waking up during autumn to be most alive during winter (under the surface, you see, nature’s ways are very occult), whereas spring is for dying and summer… dead. I didn’t find it. But I found this instead. And it somehow fit very […]

spun out of the astral plane

‘Certain kinds of animals also have a consciousness on the astral plane, which is likewise the plane of idiot consciousness. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky mentions especially certain Indian night insects, nocturnal moths. Spiders also have an astral consciousness; […] the delicate spider webs are actually spun out of the astral plane. The spiders are merely the instruments […]

sixth esoteric lesson

I have continued reading the english translation, so here’s another one of the important lessons, the 6th esoteric lesson for the first class, published by Southern Cross Review (sporting a naked lady on the front page as usual): ‘And when we feel our relationship with the world’s water, with the water elements, then we realize: […]

‘man is as great as the universe’ (esoteric lesson five)

I’m behind in reading the english translation of the first class esoteric lessons. Here’s a nugget. ‘For the person who really stands before the Guardian of the Threshold this is not speculation, but experience. And this is what constitutes spiritual progress, that man integrates with the surrounding world. It is of little use to speak […]

‘a jack-the-ripper masquerading as a saint’

yesterday night, I was reading some cheap old collection of Henry Miller’s work. Excerpts and aphorisms and stuff. One thing that hit me was: if Rudi had possessed a greater talent for expressing himself in a modern way, and a greater talent for poetry too… there were similarities. Anyway, I won’t go into that. But […]

life on mars

Evidently, some gadget — called Curiosity — has landed on Mars and is supposed to discover the planet and send the information collected back to earth. We are to learn more about that red planet in the sky, sometimes visible from my window, a little more orange than the stars. Don’t imagine, however, that Curiosity […]


‘It certainly cannot escape us that the birds which live in the air, creating the conditions of their existence out of the air, are formed differently from the animals which live either on the actual surface of the earth, or below it. When we consider the kingdom of the birds, we shall naturally find, in […]

hermann hesse on steiner

Hesse wrote that the individual ‘has as well in the deeper recesses of his being the need to see meaning attached to all that he does and strives for, to his existence, his life, and the inevitability of death. This religious or metaphysical need, as old and as important as the need for food, love, […]


In water, as you know, there are the water spirits. I don’t need to tell you, of course; you know all these things. But perhaps you need to be reminded? You must hear what Rudi says — quite poetically — about the beings that are connected with this element, water: ‘Once the plant has grown […]

fourth esoteric lesson

It’s a bit late, but I’ve finally read the english translation of the fourth first class esoteric lesson. (I say sorry, before I even begin, to my reader in Minnesota! I’m throwing pearls for swine again, or perhaps roses for donkeys, which is another expression I recently came across in a similar context — that […]

reading esoteric lessons

Since my last post, Frank Thomas Smith has continued to publish two more of the esoteric lessons in his own translation. For anyone new to this: the esoteric lessons for the first class are very serious stuff, indeed, it is advanced anthroposophy! But don’t be shy. In the second lecture, Steiner speaks about lies, thoughts that […]

english translation of the first class esoteric lessons

Hitherto unavailable to non-class members in English, the lectures of GA270 are now published by Frank Thomas Smith online in his own translation, thus not the exact text used in class lessons in the UK or the US. Still, it might be the best alternative for those who don’t read German or who find Steiner’s […]


This is anthroposophical jewellery. Or so I think. Does anyone have an explanation for these items? One of them looks like a skull with red eyes and another one like the face of a blue-eyed alien (or is it grey? purple?). Anyway, this (below) is parts of the Sloterdijk talk; the screenshot above is from […]

steiner och negerromanen

Jag vill ge lite uppmärksamhet åt — och tipsa eventuella bloggläsare om — detta då det ju är viktigt, tror jag, att detta ämne ändå berörs. I all synnerhet från antroposofiskt håll. Det handlar om ett stycke som ströks ur en svensk utgåva av GA 348, publicerad för 20 år sedan. GA 348 hör hemma […]


From the prelude to Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Drama The Portal of Inititation, the words of Estella: ‘[Y]ou always claim that your view is the more profound. I can readily understand that people whose conceptions differ radically may still meet in sympathy of feeling. But the nature of your ideas actually forces upon you an inner […]

a wave

a wave, but not an ocean ‘Imagine we are looking at a wide ocean. The waves rise and fall. There is a wave here, a wave there; there are waves everywhere, due to the heaving water. One particular wave, however, holds our attention, for we see that something is living in it, that it is […]

steiner’s change of mind

There was a discussion on critics on Steiner’s pre-theosophical phase and his theosophical, later anthroposophical, phase. I’m not sure my reply would add anything to the topic as such and, besides, the dicussion has evolved to other things (surreal and Monty Python-esque things), so I’ll post this comment here. Diana: Steve asked for examples of […]


Steiner: ‘We have to compare the auras of various soul-experiences with each other in order to learn to understand the meaning of the color shades. To begin with, take soul-experiences shot through with strongly marked emotions. They may be divided into two kinds — those in which the soul is impelled to these emotions chiefly […]


‘If we now wished to go still further, we would have to find, if the previous considerations are correct, that through this surrender of the earth to the sun, the plants somehow express how the earth, through what it brings forth, really lives in the great macrocosm. We would have to perceive some thing in […]

genius or dilettante

Swissinfo asks if Steiner was a genius or a dilettante. They have interviewed Helmut Zander. Here’s a quote: Oft heisst es: Entweder man verehrt Steiner oder man wendet sich gegen ihn. Müsste man die “Hardcore-Steiner-Anhänger” eher als Sekte bezeichnen? H. Z.: Da tue ich mich schwer, weil Sekte ein negativ besetzter Begriff ist. Für […]

no hang-ups

I never saw it coming, but Diana managed to turn the anthropornography (or is it more correct to say pornosophy?) thread into something serious. Well, maybe it was serious from the start, just not this serious. I thought I’d nick the topic and Diana’s formulation of it too. Here it goes: What are the implications […]

die zeit, 1961: steiner’s 100th birthday!

I found a goldmine of old articles on Die Zeit’s website. They have been digitalized from the paper versions and thus contain rather odd errors due to the automatic procedure. However, this doesn’t detract much from the fun. For example, there’s this article from 1961, published when the ‘modern mystic’, i e Steiner, would have […]


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